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I forgot my password. How do I log in?

No worries. On the GNCM website, go to “Log In” and there you will find an option for “Forgot Password?”. Enter your 10-digit mobile number and wait for the One Time Password (OTP). Enter the OTP received and then you may reset your password.

How long is the verification code (OTP) valid for?

The verification code (OTP) is valid for 15 minutes from the time it is requested.

I did not receive my verification code (OTP), what should I do?

A major reason for not receiving the code could be the network issue. Since we are using world-renowned messaging services, the response time from the telecom operator is excellent. However, sometimes it might get delayed depending upon the region, climatic conditions.

Does GNCM use my account or its information without my consent?

No way, we do not follow any such practice without informing our customers. We ensure that a safe and secure shopping experience is maintained always.